Бланк форма с-09-1 новая 2013

This arose because the headings are copied into the metadata “title” field, and the note gets rendered twice. We strip the note now before putting the heading in “title”. Strip out footnotes from toc entries. Remove support for GHC < 7.8 (Jesse Rosenthal). Remove Compat.Monoid. This generates a bash completion script. To use: eval "$(pandoc --bash-completion)". Text.Pandoc.Error: Define Typeable and Exception instances for PandocError (#2386). Text.Pandoc.Parsing: toKey: strip off outer brackets.
Use / as path separators in a few places, even on Windows. Add note about GHC version support to INSTALL. Remove GHC 7.6 from list of tested versions (Albert Krewinkel). Remove TagSoup compat. Txt2Tags reader: Header is now parsed only if standalone flag is set (Matthew Pickering). The header is now parsed as meta information. Writers: treat SoftBreak as space for stripping (Jesse Rosenthal) In Writers.Shared, we strip leading and trailing spaces for display math. Read HTML_head as header-includes. HTML-specific head content can be defined in #+HTML_head lines. With this change

and also

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will be output if -t dzslides is used. So we can have speaker notes in dzslides too.
Note that as of 1.14, we no longer include these files as data files; instead, we include their components. This fixes exponential slowdown in certain input, e.g. a series of lists followed by

. Slides: Preserve

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in references slide. Allow vector 0.11. Require cmark > 0.4. Added —man1 and —man5 options to pandoc, allowing pandoc to generate its own man pages.

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