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Hence, if we have the difference of longitude of two places, we can readily find the difference of time between these two places. Given ‘ (^Tirne to run, Let $=amount due first year. $_|_ l $ f j ff=amount due second year. nt due third year. =:amoun t due the fourth year. 2 + & ff3 + +o’7? n — 1 = amount due the nth year. Ans. 6J%. 9. A man sold a horse and carriage for $597, gaining by the sale, 25% on the horse and 10% on the cost of the carriage. If j of the cost of the horse equals f of the the cost of carriage, what was the cost of each?

What was the loss of the in- surance companies? Omit the and’s&nd the number will be correctly expressed in words. 6. The following are the names of the Periods, according to the common, or French method: First Period, Units. Ans. — 8. A perpetual annuity of $1000 beginning at the end of 10 years, is to be purchased. If interest is reckoned at 3-J%, what should be paid for it? What is the largest sized lots 42 FINKEL’S SOLUTION BOOK. containing each an exact number of acres, into which the whole can be divided? Ans. $6480. 2. The premium for insuring a tannery for f of its value, at , was $145.60; what was the value of the tannery?
Hydroki- netics ; Infinite Series and Products ; The Theory of Functions ; Albegra. All stations in the belt of country 7^- wide on either side of these standard meridians have as local time the solar time of the respective meridian. Although open government alone can’t solve this and other global challenges such as extreme poverty, climate change and mass migration, these problems can’t be solved without greater transparency and civic participation. Vice versa, when a vessel crosses the line from the western side, it counts the same day twice, passing from Tuesday forenoon back to Monday, and having to do its Tuesday over again.» This line is now little used by sailors, the 180th meridian having taken its place. Ans. Gain 84 FINKEL’S SOLUTION BOOK. 15. I spent $260 for apples at $1.30 per bushel ; after retain- ing a part for my own use, I sold the rest at a profit of 40%, clearing$13on the whole cost.

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